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Our next step at June21
Joining forces
to shape a bolder
future for clients

To meet the challenges of real-time marketing, Capgemini Invent is bringing together its consulting, innovation, strategy, design, and brand expertise under a single brand, frog.

The increased adoption of marketing technology and data-driven marketing practices is transforming business: how brands are perceived, the way they orchestrate and improve their e-commerce performance, and how they personalize customers’ experience with their brand.

Beyond the need to build brands over time, companies must now understand and respond as quickly and accurately as possible to customer demand. This speed of response has become a key differentiator and leaders will always be the most agile, whichever market they’re in.

Of course, to achieve this agility and speed you must break down the silos between technology, media, content, and data. This requires all the disciplines that contribute to the marketing value chain to be brought together within the same operational team.

We are happy to announce this is the direction we are taking today with our own transformation.

We look forward to the role we will play in this exciting future.

To know more, please contact us or visit frog


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