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We created June Twenty First in 2007.
We were both publicists and we met at devarrieuxvillaret, already a one of a kind agency, where we made up an important part of the management.
We decided to set up an agency that would be independent, impartial regarding the media, and open towards the digital transformation and revolution to come.
Today, the revolution is here. A technology, data, and artificial intelligence revolution.
Today, we are joining Capgemini and more specifically Capgemini Invent, the global line of digital innovation, consulting and transformation services launched in September 2018.
Teaming up with an organisation of recognised power and expertise in technology, data, and customer experience enables us to remain effective both as a strength in strategic proposal and as a content creator.
This also provides us with the opportunity to develop new skills whilst preserving our know-how and the singularity of our approach, for the benefit of our teams and our clients.


What we do

Brand Experience,
B to B,
Content Strategy,
Content Factory,
Corporate Branding,
Digital Transformation,
Social Hub,
Social media Strategy,
Store Transformation,


The way we think

Brands have been longtime winners…
Overindulged by their owners, craved by customers, they became corporations’ most valuable commodities…
Then the digital revolution occurred.
It gave everyone the means to share.
And an alternate reality was born.



Exposed, brands no longer inspire dreams – or rather their way of inspiring dreams is no longer the stuff of dreams.
Corporations, who once hid behind their brands, must now face transparency, take into account the importance of their collaborators, of their fans and their opponents, and especially of their clients. All those who were always talked about but never heard or possessing the means to be.



To live up to that ambition, the corporation must transform itself.
Because each of its actions carries a message, it must itself become a media.
Become a media in order to reclaim its place in the economic game.
The business media is aware that it can, at any given moment, be clicked away.



Once it becomes a media, the corporation knows that the battle for attention and audience is relentless.
It therefore perpetually seeks to share its convictions, to spark interest, to startle and to elicit emotion.



It is aware of its role and knows that through its words, as well as through its actions or values, people connect together.
Employees, clients, goods and services providers and viewers – all make up this composite community that becomes the most active corporate asset.
Rather than address an anonymous crowd, it’s with this community that the company first interacts.
It rallies around the development of its community, takes its contributions into account and uses its dynamism to serve as relay for its messages and actions.
So it’s no surprise that the company, now becoming a media, is divesting from mass advertising in order to reinvest into content, discover the power of dialog and steer the expression of thousands of sources.